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Maskura logistics

Maskura Limited is a global merchant trading, procurement, and supply company with world-class credit and financing capabilities.

Alongside trading commodities, we are a specialized multidisciplined procurement and supply company, delivering a complete single-source procurement solution to our customers worldwide. We supply all types of machinery, equipment, and materials for construction, infrastructure,  production and manufacturing, mining, transportation, healthcare, energy,  municipal, and industrial sectors. Our team of experienced professionals tailors solutions to assist customers with their specific requirements, ensuring products and goods can be purchased on the credit terms that best match their business cycles.


We serve our customers from offices located in Bangladesh approaching each relationship

with a view to creating long-term and sustained partnerships built on the shared values of trust and consistency.

  • Advanced chain solutions
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Add value to customers 
  • Tailored financial solutions 
  • Efficient delivery
  • Due diligence
Maskura logistics and supply chain


We trade a broad spectrum of commodities across agricultural, metal, and energy markets and have strong partnerships with the world’s leading suppliers.

  • Proven track record based on diligence, efficiency, and integrity 
  • Global footprint and on-ground presence in key markets 
  • Established relationships and a large network of partners 
  • Resilient balance sheet
  • International management team with extensive market experience 
  • Strong market position at the intersect of commerce, trade, and finance  Partnerships and affiliations with Government entities

The principle focus on  agriculture, metals  (ferrous and non-ferrous), and energy
Capital Equipment
Broad spectrum supplier  of equipment for  construction, engineering,  mining, and transportation
Tailored Supply Chain  Credit Solutions


Affirming our reputation as a true merchant trader, Maskura Limited has built dedicated  Commodities Trading and Procurement & Supply divisions to source and deliver commodities and capital equipment to any destination.

Maskura logistics and supply chain


Maskura Limited possesses a highly skilled and experienced Commodities Trading team and is witnessing substantial growth in this area of our business. We trade in Agri (wheat/grains, corn, pulses, oils, feeds), energy (crude, gasoline,  diesel), and metals (copper, aluminum, steel).

Our source markets for Agri are centered around the Black Sea with key destinations being across the MENA region, Turkey, Africa, and the Indian  Sub-Continent. For energy and metals, we trade across Europe, the Middle East,  Africa, and Asia.

We believe in adding value to our customers across all points of the supply chain process and pride ourselves on our efficient, professional, and customer-centric services.


We believe in adding value to our customers across all the points of the supply chain process. And pride ourselves on our efficient, professional, and customer-centered services.

Proven track record and trusted reputation
Long-standing relationships with suppliers and customers
Extend credit for suppliers and buyers
Effective risk management of currency, credit, and price
A lean organization with an experienced team, adept at problem-solving and decision-making
In-depth knowledge of our customers and operational markets
Maskura logistics and supply chain


Maskura Limited’s Procurement and Supply division specializes in delivering complete, single-source procurement solutions to our customers worldwide. Our experienced team has developed strong relationships with global suppliers, enabling us to source and supply an extensive range of high-quality products, materials, and equipment.  We can create customized solutions and procure even the most specialized items,  whilst efficiently managing the supply chain process from start to end. We operate across multiple industries and markets worldwide. We thrive on delivering innovation, service  excellence and high-quality solutions that  enable our customers to successfully  complete their projects


We provide bespoke Supply Chain Credit Solutions for corporates. In integration with our commodities and procurement operations,  our credit solutions enable us to provide comprehensive trade finance solutions to our customers.

Through our experienced financial trade team, we can tailor Supply Chain Credit Solutions to our customer’s cash conversion cycle, in the process mitigating the financial challenges they may face from the supplier’s payment terms and strengthening their financial position in the long term.

There are two methods by which customers can avail of our  Supply Chain Credit Solutions, one, by allowing Wilben to be the supplier or, two, by integrating Wilben into their existing supply chain and allowing us to deal with their preferred supplier.

Maskura logistics and supply chain


Maskura Limited operates on core values that extend beyond the boardroom. We believe it is our responsibility to make a difference and enrich the lives of people in our communities across the globe.

We are ethically and environmentally considerate in our operations and uphold the highest partner standards. We embrace those activities that have a positive impact on society, the environment, and the economy.

Our initiatives are growing year after year. We have already helped community projects in Bangladesh and continue to provide ongoing support to them. We are dedicated to sponsoring worthy endeavors in our communities and are always seeking projects that offer us a  chance to make a long-term commitment and a  lasting difference. To suggest an initiative or find  out how you can participate please contact  us at info@maskura.com