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Maskura Chemicals

Maskura Chemicals Ltd. is committed to the development of environmental protection-related products. Understanding modern-day competition, overall cost-effectiveness, high throughput, and efficiency is vital for customers’ success.

Maskura Chemicals Ltd is one of the best chemical ingredients suppliers and wholesalers in Bangladesh. We import ingredients from Turkey, China, Thailand & India. We are renowned and prominent for providing the best to our clients.
By supplying high-quality chemicals and conducting rigorous quality control measures, we ensure that textile manufacturers achieve consistent and reliable results in their production processes. This includes maintaining color consistency, improving fabric properties, and reducing defects in finished products.
A key purpose of supplying chemicals for ETP and WTP is to assist textile manufacturers in meeting environmental regulations and standards.
These chemicals help in treating wastewater from textile operations, removing pollutants, reducing chemical oxygen demand (COD), and ensuring compliance with discharge limits. Maskura Chemical Ltd. products comply with Blue Sign, OEKOTex, ZDHC regulations & GOTS certification.

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