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Maskura Logistics

Maskura Logistics is a global merchant trading, procurement, and supply company with world-class credit and financing capabilities. We trade a broad spectrum of commodities across agricultural, metal, and energy markets and have strong partnerships with the world’s leading suppliers.

Our Advantages

  • Proven track record and trusted reputation
  • Long-standing relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Extend credit for suppliers and buyers
  • Effective risk management of currency, credit, and price
  • A lean organization with an experienced team, adept at problem-solving and decision-making.
  • In-depth knowledge of our customers and operational markets


Maskura Logistics provides bespoke Supply Chain Credit Solutions for corporates. In integration with our commodities and procurement operations,  our credit solutions enable us to provide comprehensive trade finance solutions to our customers.

Through our experienced financial trade team, we can tailor Supply Chain Credit Solutions to our customer’s cash conversion cycle, in the process mitigating the financial challenges they may face from the supplier’s payment terms and strengthening their financial position in the long term.

There are two methods by which customers can avail of our  Supply Chain Credit Solutions, one, by allowing Wilben to be the supplier or, two, by integrating Wilben into their existing supply chain and allowing us to deal with their preferred supplier.

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