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Our Story

Maskura Group was established in 2011 as an International Trading Company that is one of the most admired companies that provides services in different sectors. A well-known company that is renowned in the fields of the Chemical Industry, Fitness, Logistics & Technology.

Maskura Chemicals, one of the prime concerns of Maskura Group is a top-rated company in Bangladesh that is the wholesaler of textile industrial dyes and auxiliaries chemicals especially textile dyeing, printing(AOP), washing & basics chemicals, ETP & WTP chemicals. We are the supplier, importer, indenter, and wholesaler for sustainability at whole Bangladesh from Turkey, Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, China, India, and Thailand.

Maskura Fitness is another concern that is solely based in the UK, an online fitness store. Our goal is to make people’s lives better and happier most importantly a healthy life. Fitness to us, is more than just a kind of physical activity. It is a smart technique to improve and empower your mental well-being, lessen stress, and positively increase your vitality. We are dedicated to giving our clients the best experience possible and successfully fulfilling their needs.

We didn’t stop our journey here, we have been providing logistics services through Maskura Logistics throughout the world for long effortlessly. Logistics is an invisible thread that binds every element of a business. And we aim to bring different stakeholders together to form a seamless flow of activity and thus make life easy. With every parcel we move, and in each trip we make, each of us strives to make a difference.

Maskura Tech aims to bring revolution to the tech industry. The project autopilot tractor is the prime example along with RTK, MiFi and other tech products. Robotics and automation technologies advance further, transforming industries such as manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and healthcare. Maskura Tech is also working on products that cover all kinds of agricultural automation products, satellite positioning systems, Netcom communication, 5G industrial router, 4G industrial router, wireless router, wireless bridges, switches, optical transceivers,Mifi and other types of network products, more than 100 specifications of products. The company can customize the appearance of molds, OEM production, and other business modes, to meet the spot and personalized needs of different customers.