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Denim Solutions

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  • MC-2RS is Resin Finishing which liquid yellow to transparent liquid
    this product has function of bleachable resin, sprayed whiteness,
    environment–friendly, non-toxic, soft hand feel, keeping base shade
    of denims. Dosing : 0.3-1.5 g/L

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  • MC-2SD is Hydro-phyilic softener which light yellow liquid, delicate
    touch, oily and skin-friendly, water-friend hydrophilic and breathable,
    plump with a special touch style. Dosing: 0.2-2 g/L.

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  • MC-2XA is APEO remover which white liquid, a mixture of non-ionic
    surfactants, and a low foam detergent and lubricant agent can
    effectively remove harmful APEO substances. Dosing : 0.5-1.5 g/L

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  • MC-2ZP is Zipper Protector which white liquid , can effectively form a
    protective coating on the surface of the metal zipper , in the denim
    washing or dyeing process to prevent the oxidation of metal caused
    by acid and alkali. Dosing : 0.6-1.5 g/L.

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