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Dyeing Pretreatment Chemicals

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  • Caustic soda is manufactured by the electrolysis, of a sodium chloride solution. In the room temperature, it is solid, waxy and odorless. Driven from sodium and hydroxide ions, the chemical formula for caustic soda is NaOh.However, commercially available form of this product is usually sodium hydroxide monohydrate or NaOh.H20.

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  • Ecology H2O2 stabilizer using for the bleaching process .Suitable for the
    cotton, T/C, Rayon fabrics oxygen bleaching process.

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  • Used in pre-treatment of cotton, linen and blended fabrics and yarns.
    Excellent emulsifying effect to CO waxes and greases.
    Good wetting properties and permeability.
    Save water, electricity, steam and labor.
    -Low foaming
    Good whiteness, capillary effect (14cm/30min), improve dyeing quality,
    save dye
    Dosing 0.2-0.3g/L

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  • MC-2197 is a 5 in 1 multifunctional scouring and bleaching agent for
    cotton fiber textile pretreatment process. By only one product, it can
    replace the traditional agents of scouring agent (detergent), oxygen
    stabilizer, chelating agent, penetrant and caustic soda. The
    pretreatment recipe is only MC-2197 plus H2O2, which greatly reduce
    the production cost and ease the working process. The product PH value
    is much lower than caustic soda and will not cause high PH wastewater
    problem, non-NPEO/OPEO content, which is completely environmental
    friendly product. It is GOTS 5.0 certified product. Dosing 2-3g/L.

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  • This product is carefully made from a variety of organic acids, in the
    dyeing and finishing process, through the buffer function to regulate
    and stabilize the pH value of dyeing liquid. Its pH value stable effect is
    strong, dyeing repeatability is good, has no influence on color shade and
    color fastness, no irritating smell in general, safe and convenient use.
    Dispersing, emulsifying, wetting, good permeability, low foam & strong
    Dose 0.2-1.0 g/L

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