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Silicon Oil MC-2919

MC-2919 silicone softener smooth softener is the second generation of
silicone softener. It is a ternary block copolymer of silicone oil, which
eliminates the greasy feeling of the traditional silicone oil. It is developed by
our years of research in the surface chemical field. It completely renovate the
traditional theory of organic silicone industry. With a much lower dosage
than the traditional silicone oil products, it can endow the fabrics with better
hydrophilic effect, full and silky handle feeling.
It also have excellent washing durability, that can maintain the fabric
original handle feeling after times of washing.
MC-2919 is hydrophilic silicone which is suitable for all kinds of knitted,
woven fabric, can improve the add value of fabric significantly, especially
on the knitting cotton fabric the effect show more significant. It not only can
impart good handle to fabric, meanwhile, but also can improve elasticity,
increase tensile recovery of fabric. For the woven fabric, MC-2919 can get
excellence hydrophilic handle, and could bath with traditional durable easy
care resin.
Dose : 3-10 g/L


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