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  • At normal temperature slightly adhesion, cloth adhesion attached to the top is not easy to slide or peel. When temperature of weather has been changed, viscosity unchanged it is applicable to any workplace and various substrate of tables. Strong durability, multiple long-term use, good acid resistance, changes in pH values does not affect its characteristics, it can be adapted to a variety of various dyes printing paste operation.

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  • MC-2206 is a stable high polymer emulsion of self-cross linking acrylates. It is especially developed for high grade textiles, which can endow the cloth with properties of soft feeling, bright color, anti-rubbing and high soaping fastness, etc. The product performs good effect in printing of cotton cloth and cotton terylene blended cloth. Mixed with complex thickener, MC-2206 can be made into good sizing for plate screen printing and rotary screen printing.

    MC-2206 can condense to be film under low temperature drying condition. The treated fabric doesn’t need high temperature processing any more, which can save energy. It is especially suited for manual printing handlings.

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  • Pigment fixing agent MC-2401 improves the wash and rubbing fastness properties of pigment prints. Its effectiveness is particularly apparent in prints on woven and knitted fabrics composed of regenerated cellulose, synthetic fibers, or blends of these fibers with natural fibers.
    MC-2401 Pigment fixing agent is for low formaldehyde pigment printing. Dose 1-5 g/L

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  • 2PTF it is suitable for pigment printing, non-woven fabric printing, coating thickening and thickening of other water-based systems.

    Dose : 2 %

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  • RS 100 Photo emulsion is the best quality screening engraving emulsion for rotary textile printing.

    Application: For machine coating as well as hand coating of rotary screens of all mesh count in textile printing.

    Properties: Easy, very smooth and uniform coating layer Easy Development for textile engraving chemicals

    Color: White.

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  • MC-2820 principal ingredient is self-cross linking modified acrylic
    copolymer. It possesses the merits of deep white, very strong
    coverage, soft hand feel, strong washing fastness, suitable for
    common cotton, knitting fabrics, non-woven fabrics, toy and handbag
    etc. textiles printing

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  • MC-2201 Printing Pigment Binder is a kind of stable self-crosslinking acrylic polymer emulsion. The emulsion is exclusively designed for printing of high value textiles, giving the finished products the advantages of soft handle, bright color, rub resistance, high soaping fastness, etc. There is good effect exerted on printing process of cotton cloths and T/C blended cloths. Blended with synthetic thickeners, the product can be proper printing paste for flat screen printing, rotary screen printing .Dosing 8-25 % based on shade percentage.

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